Lyceum Theatre London

Disney’s hugely acclaimed London classic The Lion King is running with packed houses at the magnificent Lyceum Theatre London. The heart touching London musical is a complete treat for the theatre lovers and made its debut in the year 2000. The stunning show is running with houseful shows.

lyceum theater london

The spectacular production by Julie Taylor is a complete audio visual treat featuring live action, puppetry and amazing sets. Experience the real magic of The Lion King with online advance Lyceum Theatre London Tickets!

Enjoy the heartwarming saga of The Lion King at the opulent Lyceum Theatre London! Lyceum Theatre is located at 21 Wellington Street, London WC2E 7RQ. The magnificent theatre is positioned in a famous area called as Covent Garden which is renowned for its liveliness and vibrancy. The opulent theatre is located in the heart of Londons famous theatre land.

lyceum theater london3

Location of magnificent theatre is simply superb as huge range of restaurants, high street shops and various other tourist spots such as London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Market and Royal Opera House are located at a walking distance. Other famous attractions at the accessible location from the Lyceum Theatre London are Shoo, Leicester Square and Chinatown.

Lyceum Theatre London is easily accessible via various modes of commutations such as tubes, buses, taxis or cars. The astounding occupancy of Lyceum Theatre is around 2100 and is categorized into three sections as Stalls, Royal Circle and Grand Circle. For those who are looking for a good view seats can opt for Stalls section.

lyceum theater london5

The theatre was mainly used as a concert venue for various numbers of bands during 60s and 70s with Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, The Who, U2, The Smiths and Culture Club. If you are looking for a remarkable experience then you must book online advance Lyceum Theatre Tickets now and have a great time with your dear ones!


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