Enjoy The Lion King With Stay at Luxurious Hotels!

Disney’s blockbuster classic, The Lion King is as lively and vibrant as it was 16 years ago. The real magic of the show can be enjoyed at fullest with stay at a nearby hotel. The mesmerizing show still creates the same magic as 16 years back. The chartbusting numbers and mesmerizing saga of young Lion Simba beautifully delights and make you feel the real essence of life with spectacular production.

The current star cast of The Lion King are some of the finest and best of available talents across the globe. The award winning show is full of lively colours and life that enlivens up in the grand and wonderful 18th century London Westend theatre. The heart touching drama and soul lifting rhythm, the show features stunning choreography.

The wonderful dance number beautifully showcases the graceful stalk of Cheetah along with bouncy enthusiasm of zebra. With hand-made costumes, some of the most wonderful performers of the world portray the animal characters.

The blockbuster London show The Lion King is set against the backdrop of Kingdoms of Lions in Africa. With the birth of young cub, Simba who is the son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, Scar, the younger brother of King becomes jealous. He plots to get rid of his brother and nephew. After several futile attempts, Mufasa died in a stampede and Simba has to escape.

The blockbuster and award winning London show is all about the struggle of Simba to reclaim his Kingdom. The show becomes more enjoyable and gripping with some of the heart touching musical numbers. Under the superb direction of internationally acclaimed adaptation of the most beloved movie by Disney, Julie Taymor has beautifully portrays every movement, colours and sound of the animated classic.

Since October 1999, the show is successfully entertaining theatre lovers and has enjoyed 12 million people from all across the globe. The show made its debut at the Lyceum Theatre and still continues to be the biggest selling stage production of London Westend.

You can make your show more enjoyable with stay at the five star hotel which is positioned at a nearby distance. The hotel is well furnished with all the modern amenities, a private lounge and cosmopolitan cocktail bar.


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