Special Message from Lion King London Team to Primary Pupils of Newington

Recently, a good luck message of the cast and crew of the award winning West End musical The Lion King have been sent to children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate. The spectacular London musical is enjoyed by the pupils at the Lyceum Theatre in London a few weeks ago. The stunning production beautifully depicts the heritage and culture of Africa with enchanting music and ethics behind the saga of young prince Simba!

The inspiring message reads: “We heard about all the great work you are doing to get ready for your production of The Lion King.

“Whether you are on a West End stage or in a school hall, putting on a show takes a lot of people and even more hard work. Here in London’s West End we perform The Lion King eight times a week. It takes 150 people to make the show happen each night from performers to make-up artists and stage managers to stage crew, every single person contribute to the show in a meaningful way.

“We’re thrilled that you’ve experienced the impact of The Lion King by producing your own unique version of the show. As you get ready for your opening night knows that you are now part of a global heritage.

“The tale of a lion cub embarking on his journey to the throne has resonated with people on six continents, been performed in eight languages and has reached an audience of over 90 million people. Your production is now part of that legacy; thank you for joining us on the path unwinding.

“Support each other, celebrate your accomplishments and above all have fun sharing your work.

“From us all at The Lyceum Theatre in London to everyone at your school…”It is time…”

And the message concludes with the age old theatrical ethos – “Break a leg on opening night!”

The Head Teacher Cliff Stokes also stated: “What a massive boost for our school. The children are really buzzing about the show and this message from the cast and crew from the show that enthralled them all just a few weeks ago is very special.


“I am sure our version of The Lion King will do its best to uphold the huge high standards, ethos and sheer joy behind the original musical. We can’t wait.”

The pupils of Newington also enjoyed Wicked at the Apollo Victoria. The spell binding show is the saga of witches from Oz, at the Apollo Victoria. On May 24 and 25, the show will be presented live in the Newington Primary School’s theatre space.


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