Julie Anne San Jose Renders Her Melodious Voice to The Lion King Musical

Julie Anne San Jose is one of the most loved and popular name of the Asia’s Pop music. Recently, sje sang along with the cast of award winning classic London musical, The Lion King! She steps a little closer to fulfil her dream of becoming a part of The Lion King! The pop star seems to be an admirer of the great musical play. She sang, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, which was penned by Elton John.

While addressing press conference, she expressed her joy and also gratefulness to get a wonderful opportunity to sing the classic Elton John’s penned song with Lion King’s theater actors. Julie Anne stated, “I watched the play and it was really really nice. Tsaka masaya, kasi I got to sing with the cast of the Lion King.”

She further added that she always wanted to perform at musical theater, and would love to do in future if gets opportunity. She also stated, “I’ve always wanted to perform for a musical play. I know that I can’t make it happen now, but I’m open to possibilities. I want to join a musical, I want to be in a musical play and explore theatre.”

On being asked that if her performance would be a teaser for a surprise performance in The Lion King, she replied, “It’s not a teaser, it’s just really a cover, for now, but I’d love to do a musical someday, if time permits.”

The magic of award winning London show, The Lion King is simply remarkable! The popular show is a complete treat for the theatre lovers. The popular London show, The Lion King Musical is a memorable voyage for theatre lovers to the beautiful world full of splendid colours, stunning effects and fascinating music. The powerful and moving story of Simba touches heart of people across the globe. The heart touching journey of Simba, the young cub who is destined role as King of the Pridelands. To enjoy the adventurous journey of Simba from wide-eyed cub to reclaiming his kingdom back from his evil Uncle is remarkable.


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