Additional Information of Lion King Musical

Get set for an award winning London Westend production, Disney’s The Lion King! The hugely loved musical stage adaptation of Disney’s hugely successful animated film is running with packed houses at the magnificent Lyceum Theatre. At the London Westend Lyceum Theatre, Disney’s award-winning musical has made its grand entry into its successful 19th year.

The popular London show has entertained over 14 million theatregoers and ranked sixth amongst the longest running musicals of West End. The story of The Lion King is set against the majesty of the Serengeti and revolves around young cub, Simba! Under the superb direction of Julie Taymor, the awe-inspiring musical is a complete treat to watch out for!

Julie Taymor has also designed the Olivier Award-winning costumes. With remarkable designing and creativity, the stage and auditorium of the Lyceum Theatre is beautifully into the African plains. The stage has some of the wildest animals such as lions, giraffes, birds, zebras, hyenas and even a stampede of wildebeest.  The most famous Circle Of Life opening number is one of the key highlights of the show. The Lion King is a brilliant show offering one of the most spectacular sights and atmospheres in the West End.

The story of The Lion King commences with the birth of young lion prince Simba which leads to the pushing back of his evil uncle Scar to second in line to the throne. To usurp the throne, Scar plots to kill both Simba and his father, the Lion King Mufasa. However, young Simba survives but led to believe that he is the cause behind the death of his father. With the burden of guilt, Simba flees the kingdom and look out for a carefree life. But, destiny wants him to go back and avenge the death of his father and be the King of Pride Rock!

In the year 1994, the movie version was released and went on becoming huge hit. During 1995 Oscars, the show went on winning several awards such as Best Music: Original Score for Hans Zimmer’s score and Best Music: Original Song for Elton John and Tim Rice’s Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Two of the film’s other songs – Circle Of Life and Hakuna Matata – were also nominated. A

At the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Lion King show made its debut and won six Tony Awards when it opened on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre in the year 1997.


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